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Because we treat you, our customers, fairly, keep accurate records of the quantities you order, your starting numbers for future orders, and the other peripheral products you buy. All this to make your re-ordering experience as easy and streamlined as possible.

Are We the Cheapest?

No! You would never reorder from the cheapest and we want you for a customer forever.

You Will Really Replace My Checks for Free?

Yes! Should misfortune strike and you lose your checks due to fire, flood, storm, or theft, we will replace what you lost free of additional charge.

Sounds Good. How Do I Get in Touch?

When you need business checks, there is only one call you need to make-- (774) 279-1000. Or fill out our quote form. Beacon Systems can meet your needs quickly, inexpensively, and with minimum hassle.

Mail or fax us your check sample for a no-obligation quote. Our checks are guaranteed to fit your system.

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Check Styles to Meet Every Business Need

Beacon Systems offers three basic check styles.

Within each category, there are an enormous number of choices and Beacon Systems can help you make the proper decision for each application.

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We Help You Make the Right Choice Every Time

To make sure we are selling you the checks you need, the checks you can grow with, checks your hardware/software can handle, and the security features you need, we'll speak to you personally and determine your requirements.

A Great Referral List

At Beacon Systems, we pride ourselves on the referrals we receive. Our long list of satisfied customers includes businesses, chambers of commerce, and medical offices. We will gladly fax you letters of reference at your request.

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How Can You Reach Us?

Beacon Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 3232
Fayville , MA 01745

Phone or Fax us :

Phone: (774) 279-1000
Fax: (508) 371-4900

E-mail Beacon Systems at: info@bsys.com
Our Web Address is http://www.bsys.com

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